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16.01.20 XR

These Nine VR Start-ups Are Changing the Media World

Young companies are already developing tomorrow's media today. Nine start-ups from Bavaria show the great potential of Virtual Reality in the future media world.

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10.01.20 Journalism

Innovation Hotspot Munich

The media industry is changing and creative people in Munich can contribute to this change in numerous ways. Here’s an overview of the coworking spaces, start-up opportunities, and research projects that make Munich an innovation hotspot.

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06.12.19 XR

Brain Training With Computers

Can computers optimize our brains? The Munich-based startup Brainboost is convinced of this idea. Neurofeedback and Virtual Reality technologies are used to visualize brain activity on screens. This could strengthen the brain and make thought processes visible.

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06.12.19 Games

Online Games From Bamberg

The game developer and publisher Upjers has been one of the big players in the Bavarian gaming industry for years. More than 100 million registered users worldwide play their browser and mobile games. The Bamberg-based company does not show off its success, and there is a reason for this.

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06.12.19 XR

Where the Bavarian XR Community Meets

XR Bavaria e.V. is a professional association for virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360-degree videos, which was founded in Bavaria in early 2019. What does this association stand for? What are its goals?

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06.12.19 Audio

How a New Start-up Wants to Revolutionize the Audio World

The audio sector is booming and poses new challenges to companies. Two Munich-based firms have therefore founded the agency "Wake Word." Their approach is ambitious: they want to advise brands as well as develop new technologies and their own content – they are determined to cover everything.

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06.12.19 TV & Streaming

Series from Bavaria – Success with Local Productions

Those who still remember the children’s television series "Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl" or "Kir Royal" know that Bavarian TV shows have a long tradition. However, thirty years have passed since these titles were broadcasted. Where do Bavarian series stand nowadays in the age of streaming?

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06.12.19 Journalism

Science for YouTube

String theory, climate change, genetic engineering: these topics aren’t so easy for online videos. But with the right story and clever animations, they become understandable and entertaining. The Munich-based company "Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell" shows how it’s done with its YouTube channel.

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03.12.19 XR

How Algorithms Make Films

Do we have to be afraid of artificial intelligence? Will it be superior to humans? Susanne Steinmassl has dealt with these questions in an infinite film. What is also unusual? In "The Future Is Not Unwritten", algorithms are directing.

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