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17.02.20 Journalism

Innovation Hotspot Augsburg

Media professionals and digital innovators are often attracted by big cities. However, smaller towns also provide interesting perspectives and surprising offers. Innovation hotspot Augsburg is just one example of the industry’s hidden gems.

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10.02.20 Audio

The Top 6 Media Podcasts from Bavaria

Audio shows are currently experiencing a brilliant revival in the form of podcasts. There is a podcast for every topic one might be interested in, whether it is a political discourse, a comedy program, or even a broadcast about the media industry.

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10.02.20 XR

VRdirect – Real Time Virtual Reality

The Munich-based start-up VRdirect wants to give companies easy access to new narrative worlds by letting them create real-time virtual reality content – no knowledge of programming necessary.

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28.01.20 Journalism

Innovation Hotspot Passau

Known more for its churches and the confluence of its three major rivers rather than medial innovation, the city of Passau nevertheless has much to offer. Like many other small towns in Lower Bavaria, it has become an innovation hotspot for media professionals, founders, and creatives.

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16.01.20 XR

These Nine VR Start-ups Are Changing the Media World

Young companies are already developing tomorrow's media today. Nine start-ups from Bavaria show the great potential of Virtual Reality in the future media world.

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10.01.20 Journalism

Innovation Hotspot Munich

The media industry is changing and creative people in Munich can contribute to this change in numerous ways. Here’s an overview of the coworking spaces, start-up opportunities, and research projects that make Munich an innovation hotspot.

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23.12.19 Journalism

These 6 Media Trends Will Shape the Industry in Bavaria in 2020

Which trends are crucial for the Bavarian media landscape in 2020? Who has already discovered new business areas and who is a pioneer in innovation? The following six points are a must for media professionals in 2020.

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19.12.19 XR

A Sign Language Interpreter in Your Living Room

Immediate understanding: new technologies can help make television barrier-free. Two projects from Bavaria show how this can be done.

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Blautopf VR: From the Cave to the Winner’s Podium

And the winner is… Blautopf VR! The Munich-based company TELLUX next created an interactive Virtual Reality (VR) Adventure for the broadcasting company Südwestrundfunk (SWR) in which everyone can become a speleologist. On December 11, 2019, it won the Cologne Innovation Award.

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