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Media trends, events and exciting stories from the media industry in Bavaria, in a nutshell XPLR: Media in Bavaria.

We track down innovative projects, extraordinary start-ups and hidden champions from Bavaria and make them visible. Because Bavaria as a media site is much more than just white and blue.

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16.01.20 XR

These Nine VR Start-ups Are Changing the Media World

Young companies are already developing tomorrow's media today. Nine start-ups from Bavaria show the great potential of Virtual Reality in the future media world.

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10.01.20 Journalism

Innovation Hotspot Munich

The media industry is changing and creative people in Munich can contribute to this change in numerous ways. Here’s an overview of the coworking spaces, start-up opportunities, and research projects that make Munich an innovation hotspot.

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06.12.19 XR

Brain Training With Computers

Can computers optimize our brains? The Munich-based startup Brainboost is convinced of this idea. Neurofeedback and Virtual Reality technologies are used to visualize brain activity on screens. This could strengthen the brain and make thought processes visible.

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