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Media trends, events and exciting stories from the media industry in Bavaria — in a nutshell XPLR: Media in Bavaria.

We track down innovative projects, extraordinary start-ups and hidden champions from Bavaria and make them visible. Because Bavaria as a media site is much more than just white and blue.

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E-sports: The Dream of Big Money

How do I become an E-sport professional? Many young people ask themselves this question. But only a few people go the way to professional gaming, and only a few can. Why? Two (ex-)professionals from Munich know the answer.


Seven VR Companies Everyone Should Know

Mithilfe moderner Virtual- und Augmented Reality-Technologien arrangieren bayerische Medienschaffende faszinierende Filme, Apps und Games. Sieben Studios aus München entwickeln ganz vorne mit.


Innovation Hotspot Augsburg

Media professionals and digital innovators are often attracted by big cities. However, smaller towns also provide interesting perspectives and surprising offers. Innovation hotspot Augsburg is just one example of the industry’s hidden gems.