The Power of Radio – Innovative into the Future

First published on March 17, 2024

Radio-Report 2024

What developments are affecting the radio industry? The report by XPLR: MEDIA in Bavaria deals with the trending topics of DAB+, AI in radio and the power of local radio, and talks to experts from the Bavarian radio landscape. It documents how the medium of radio can face up to its future challenges with its own innovations. Because one thing is clear: In the digital age, radio cannot rely solely on its old strengths.


You will find these topics in the report:

The digitalization of radio broadcasting: The radio industry on the road to the future

  • How radio broadcasters manage their business in the digital transformation and position themselves more broadly with new offerings
  • Radio consultant BCI: “We are looking for better answers every day” – Interview with Stefan Hördt
  • DAB+ in Bavaria – the rise to a permanent fixture
  • Switching off FM? “DAB+ will replace FM” – Interview with Dr. Thorsten Schmiege
  • Klassik Radio: Soloist with a special note
  • Antenne Bayern and Rock Antenne: On course for expansion – Interview with Guy Fränkel

How AI is changing the industry

  • AI: Revolution of the radio
  • RadioAdMaker from Radio Gong: Tool of the future?
  • Antenne Deutschland and Radio.Cloud: The kAI Business Case – Interview with Mirko Drenger and Christian Brenner

The importance of local broadcasting for the industry

  • Close and approachable
  • Local radio program makers: A strong brand counts
  • Local Radio Days: More relevant than ever – Interview with Stefan Sutor

The Bavarian radio market on its way into the new audio world

  • Bavaria in the audio industry: Digital and diverse
  • The Bavarian radio market in numbers
  • Heavyweight in the radio market: Bayerischer Rundfunk
  • Radio shareholders and their strategies: Committed owners
  • Excursus: Funkanalyse Bayern – Better with numbers
  • Mediaschool Bayern: Practice-oriented learning

»We should freeze less like a rabbit caught in the headlights and instead work on ourselves so that people enjoy listening to our programs.«

Stefan Hördt, BCI Consultant

»Radio remains a popular mood manager in everyday life: it motivates and inspires.«

Nina Gerhardt, CEO of RTL Radio Deutschland

»We are certain that the average hourly use of FM radio will fall below 20 percent by 2030. The savings from FM broadcasting will then compensate for the feared loss of reach.«

Dr. Thorsten Schmiege, President of BLM

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